Chicago Women’s Journalism Hall of Fame, presented by Association for Women Journalists Chicago is an online museum and living digital monument. Each year, the AWJ Chicago Hall of Fame Committee will honor those who have combined individual and collective achievements in line with the ethics and standards of the AWJ Chicago organization.


All nominations for the Chicago Women’s Journalism Hall of Fame inductees or for Association for Women Journalists Chicago Distinguished Service Award must be made by an AWJ member in good standing.

Nominations may be submitted at any time of the year, via email, or by hand, to the committee chair of the Hall of Fame Committee. Nominations should include information listed here, as well as a completed application.

Distinguished Service Award nominations should describe the individual’s unique and notable demonstration of extraordinary work in furthering the recognition of female journalists, outstanding skill in a specific project, and/or describe how nominee is an example of professional integrity within the Chicago journalism community.

Hall of Fame nominations should describe the nominee’s notable achievements, and how the nominee has made outstanding contributions to further women in Chicago journalism. Including:

  • Nominee’s connection and contributions to Chicago journalism.
  • Nominee’s past and/or current employment.
  • Highlights of nominee’s professional career, including:
    • Awards received.
    • Reproductions of examples or lists of her/his work.
    • Biographical materials and photographs.
  • Note whether or not the nominee is living or deceased, and if deceased, the approximate date of death.
  • Additional letters of recommendation are highly encouraged, though not required.
  • All nominations will be retained for future consideration, for five years. After which time, if not chosen, nominees will need to be re-nominated.


  • Nominees can be selected from any time, era, or type of journalism.
  • Nominees may be of any gender, who have made significant contributions to furthering journalism, women’s contributions to journalism, or women in journalism, including, but not limited to:
    • The direction of editorial policy.
    • The editing of or preparation of news and editorial content of newspapers, magazines, press or syndication services, professional or business publications, radio or television, journalism education, or multimedia journalism.
  • Nominees should have a significant connection to Chicago and been active in Chicago journalism for several years.


The Hall of Fame Committee convenes at least bi-annually to discuss and choose finalists.

More than one individual may be inducted into the Chicago Women’s Journalism Hall of Fame or presented with a Distinguished Service Award within a given year, as determined by the Hall of Fame Committee and AWJ Chicago board.

The AWJ Hall of Fame Committee’s recommendations will be subject to final approval by the AWJ Chicago Board of Directors.


  • Formal inductions will be made either during the AWJ Chicago’s Annual Membership Summer Picnic or Annual Winter Meeting, or at a dedicated event.
  • A physical award will be presented to the inductee as either a type of certificate, plaque, or trophy.
  • A profile honoring each recipient will remain in perpetuity on the Chicago Women’s Journalism Hall of Fame, presented by Association for Women Journalists Chicago website.


To nominate an individual for inclusion in the Chicago Women’s Journalism Hall of Fame or for an Association for Women Journalists Chicago Distinguished Achievement Award, please send required information and completed application by email to AWJ Chicago president and Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson, Amy Guth, at